TIME Magazine covers Victor Muller and Saab

The headline says it all, I think.

If there was ever a good way to get the word out that Saab ain’t dead, it’s TIME Magazine.

For all practical purposes, the Saab brand was as dead as a Studebaker last January. Abandoned by its owner, General Motors, Saab was pushed into liquidation as GM struggled to save itself. Saab’s factory in Sweden was shuttered tight. It couldn’t advertise, its dealers were out of cars, and its fans were reduced to writing plaintive notes to GM’s management. GM was prepared to let Saab die during a long winter night in the high latitudes.

And so begins a story that we’re all pretty familiar with. Indeed, for anyone who’s spent more than a few hours here in the last 9 months, this story won’t have anything new in it.

But it’s great to see the Saab story out there. The tale of Saab’s heritage, struggle and ultimate survival is a great story and the telling of it is a great way to advertise that the company’s still around.

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