Tuesday Night Snippets

Saab Cars North America will be hosting a drive event for the new Saab 9-5 later this week at Pebble Beach. Look for more US-based reports on the car next week, I’d say.


Our old mate and unofficial Saab ambassador in the UK, Robin M, has been gifted a new Saab 9-5 for a week to drive to Switzerland for the IntSaab meetup.

Some people do it tough, eh?

I’m looking forward to reading Robin’s reports from the trip, both in terms of the IntSaab gathering an carrying the whole family to the event in the new 9-5.


The music from the Anything but Ordinary Saab TV ad (and website) is now available on iTunes.


The automotive Captain Picard, Jerry Flint, has passed away this week, aged 79.

Flint was a Detroit native and covered the car industry with gusto for over 50 years, most recently for Forbes magazine as a columnist.

I didn’t agree with him much because he never really cared two hoots for Saab or its survival. His eye was on what he thought was best for GM, which is fair enough.

Anytime you lose a stalwart in an industry is a sad time, however, so Vale Jerry Flint, and thanks for all you did.


Autoline Detroit must have filmed a whole swag of clips with Victor Muller when they were in Trollhattan last month, because they’re showing a whole swag of them now.

Today’s is a short clip on the tail end of their daily news report, where they ask VM what it’s like being the guy who saved Saab.


And finally, a story that I know a lot of people have been across already, because they’ve all emailed me about it 🙂

It seems the next generation of the Chevy Corvette might be getting a mid-engined configuration – maybe even a souped up turbo6 to go with it. What’s interesting about these plans is that they were dropped into the lap of an Autocar journalist by a Saab engineer, who said that Saab had been working on the double-clutch transmission for the project.

Djup Strupes indicated that they had a few secret goodies that Spyker would acquire when they bought the company. Here’s hoping this fancy gearbox was one of them.

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