Tuesday Night Snippets – Saab corporate edition

Saab are kicking some serious goals again in terms of lease sales in the Swedish market. Their guaranteed residuals have been a big hit with the market there, and e24.se are reporting that lease sales are up, with Saab now only trailing Volvo, Volkswagen and Audi in this segment of the Swedish market.

There have been 1,464 sales for Saab in this segment frmo May-July, which is a 44% rise over the same period last year.


We heard some news about Saab seeking distribution in Latin American markets a few weeks ago. That story focused mainly on Brasil and Argentina. I’ve received some advance word via Djup Strupe today that Saab are also inviting interest for distribution in Mexico.

Saab Automobile is seeking to appoint an importer to supply the Mexican market as it continues to move forward as an independent car manufacturer.

There’s no link for this story yet, but it should be out online early next week.

With the newly-launched Saab 9-5 sedan spearheading the biggest new product offensive in the company’s history – including the imminent arrival of the Saab 9-4X crossover and 9-5 wagon – the Swedish premium carmaker is now inviting applications for a business partner to represent the brand in Mexico.

The role includes the importation and distribution of Saab cars and parts, the establishment of a national retail network and marketing support…..

….As a first step in the recruitment process, Saab has engaged the services of the consultancy firm API LLC, based in the United States, who will begin evaluating potential candidates for an exclusive Saab distribution contract.


I love this sort of stuff. And it doesn’t surprise me one bit as to who’s doing it…..

Saab Belgium will be entering two vehicles in the 12 Heures de Huy rally, on September 4. They’ll be entering a Saab Sonett III as well as a Saab 96 Monte Carlo.

Like many of these European events, its a historical ‘race’ based on a real race that used to be run in the mid 1900’s. The original Douze heures de Huy ran for around 15 years. A driver death in the mid 1960s saw interest decrease and the original race had its last running in 1969.

There are two categories in the event – Revival and Equipage. Revival sees the driver go solo, acting as both driver and navigator. Equipage sees the two roles played by two people. Cars can be manufactured from 1969 to 1974, but cars later than 1969 have to be of the same basic specification as the version manufactured in 1969.

Saab Belgium are one of the principal sponsors of the event and here’s a pic of (the nose of) the 96 they’ll be running.

Cheers to @SofiefromSaab, who you should all be following on Twitter, because she’s freaking brilliant!


Here’s another thing Saab have been doing behind the scenes….

The Trollhattan plant uses a computerised maintenance system to monitor operations and plan scheduled maintenance in order to keep everything working properly.

Saab have just completed a changeover of the entire system from a US based system installed by General Motors, to a new system built by a Swedish company called Aretics. The installation involved some 36,000 connections around the plant and was completed in a record three months.

The system is expected to handle around 90,000 scheduled maintenance tasks in 2011 and has already proven reliable handling around 200 tasks per day in the boot-up phase.

Thanks to Johan O for several of these tips!


Those expectations for the Paris Motor Show?

I have a feeling they need to be revised. More to come.

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