Video: Fifth Gear review of Saab 9-5

Someone’s gone and posted the Fifth Gear review on Youtube, which is a handy way of getting around those geocentric restrictions they’ve put on it.

I don’t think there’s too much wrong with this. VBT assesses the car quite fairly, I think. The base model diesel isn’t the car to get excited about and we’ve all acknowledged that the interior needs something to brighten it up a little. The only question mark I’d lodge is with her comment about the gear shift lever and action, which would only be relevant if you drove different cars all of the time.

I think the car fills the frame quite well. It looks pretty good to me. I don’t know whether Fifth Gear asked for a base model diesel, or maybe that’s all Saab GB had to give them. Hopefully they’ll get to drive one of the other variations soon.


There’s a somewhat confusing, but still decent text review from Fifth Gear here. They’re reviewing the new car but only have photos of the old model associated with the entry. Strange.

They also give the absolutely excellent navigation system just two ‘stars’ based on cost but say nothing about function, which is its strongpoint. Personally, I found the electronics in this car to be top notch.

Other elements of the review seem OK, over all.

Thanks Lennart!

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