Wednesday Night Snippets, Part Two

One of the odd things about Swade’s blog is that he’s time shifted well into the future — right now Tasmania is 15 hours ahead of me in the Central US time zone.  Thus, Wednesday Night Snippets can strike twice and have meaningful content in both posts.

Some good news on Saab’s business standings in Sweden:  Saab now holds the top credit rating from Creditsafe.  The Swedish Wire report goes on to mention that the rating is based upon profits from extraordinary actions and not sustainable operations, which is fair enough.  However, on the plus side, a good credit rating makes things a little easier for Saab while they continue to build long-term operations.


As Swade posted earlier today, the 2011 Saab 9-4x will debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show.  This story has been repeated on several major automotive new outlets.  What’s noteworthy here is that at least two of the smaller journals, Kilometer Magazine and autoevolution, refer to the upcoming Saab 9-4x as a 2012 model.  It currently appears that the 9-4x will launch at the previously stated April 2011 date, which would make it a 2011 model, yes?  Probably nothing to make a big deal about, Saab is the one calling the shots.


Site sponsor State of Nine has posted some great photos from the North American SOC 2010, including a beautiful shot of a white Sonett II.  What’s that I hear?  Why, Swade, this car is calling your name!


Even though it’s been hot in the Southeastern United States for the last couple of weeks with several days above 100 degrees F (38 degrees C) where I live, we’ve been coping the best way that we can:

Hey, even the dog loves the top down in this heat!

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