Wednesday Snippets – FOUR!

Posting will be lighter for the next few days due to travelling, but there are some crackers coming up, including a family of Saabs that will keep a smile on your face the whole weekend!


The Woodward Dream Cruise was on last weekend and Saab Cars North America took up sponsorship of Autoline After Hours, who were broadcasting live from the event.

In case you missed it, Mike Colleran and John McElroy give the new Saab 9-5 a good once-over at the 60 minute mark of the Part 2 video at this link.


Which club to pick?

Full story here.


Speaking of Saab related incidents, there was a great article in the San Francisco Chronicle late last week about a guy who’s just bought another Saab convertible after the last one saved his life.

It was a glorious late October day. The top was down, and my girlfriend Trudy and I were looking forward to a romantic weekend, but a split second later it was all over when a blue Prius came straight at us. There was only time to turn right slightly, which was just enough to avoid a direct head-on wreck. Bibi was smote mightily, and we were sent over the shoulder and down a ravine where we did a complete roll landing….

….Bibi gave her life to save us. The sturdy structure, and the twin roll bars behind the rear seats deployed as advertised, as did the seat belt tensioners. Aside from a nasty bruise from the seat belt, Trudy was physically unharmed. As the impact was on my side, the side airbag also deployed correctly, which cracked four of my ribs. Somewhat painful, but not life-threatening.

You can read the full story here.

Of course, I’m impressed by the car doing what it was designed to do and take an impact. But I think I’m even more impressed with this 71 year-old guy going for a romantic weekend away with his girlfriend! Life is there to be lived!


Via comments:

Hi, I’d like to join the SAAB convoy on Sunday from CT up to Brookline, MA. I live in Marlborough, CT and plan to drive my ’86 SPG that day. Can you share details of when and where.

If someone can send me details of convoys heading to Boston for Swedish Car Day this weekend, I’ll gladly post them on site when I can.

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