About winter tires and Saabs

Mad busy tonight. Sorry.


The following came through from ‘Hipchecker’ – another regular here at SU. I don’t live in a climate that necessitates winter tires, so my knowledge on the subject is pretty limited.

Here’s the question. You northerners can sort it out. I’ll provide my third-party 2 cents worth after the question is posed.

My wife and I live in New England, and recently we moved, making our commute longer and to top it off our house is on a big hill. We moved in at the end of winter last year, and the performance tires on my wife’s 9-3 didn’t hold up too well (naturally). Our Subaru did better, but that has AWD.

I realize that AWD and winter tires don’t matter when driving on ice, but I’m wondering if there are certain ones I should look at for the 9-3. For starters, should I get all-season for all year round, or winter tires specifically for the winter? And second, what brands of tires should I look that won’t break the bank?


My two cents…..

We talked a bit about tires at the “In Control” driver education day that Eggs and I participated in, last month in Boston (writeup still to come).

The opinion expressed by the instructor I talked to about this subject would point to getting winter tires. All-seasons are basically made to be semi-useful in all conditions, meaning they’re mediocre all year round. Not essentially useful for getting water out in dry weather, and not particularly grippy on the cold stuff.

That’s my contribution. You guys actually have experience in these matters, however, so please leave your thoughts and suggestions as to what’s a good brand to look at in comments.

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