tipping 9-5 Combi for Paris

Auto Motor und Sport – the German version – has compiled what looks like its list of cars to be exhibited at the Paris Auto Salon, coming up at the start of October.

The Saab part of the list includes a number of vehicles, one of which is a car that a lot of European Saab fans will be waiting for with bated breath – the Saab 9-5 SportCombi.

We’ve heard previously from Saab’s Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson that the 9-5 Combi will come around mid-year in 2011, just after the 9-4x that’s due around April.

I’ve mentioned once before and I’ll say it again now….. I don’t expect to see the 9-5 SportCombi in Paris. The rare mumblings from Djup Strupe didn’t indicate anything other than the new 9-3 diesels, which is worth taking note of in some ways and not worth noting in others – there was no inkling of the 9-3 ePower that’ll go on show there.

My intuition still tells me, though, that if there’s something other than the 9-3 ePower to see/hear in Paris, then it’ll be something to do with future partnerships (think Saab 92).

It’s not like Saab will be short of things to talk about in Paris, either. New low-emissions diesels, a bigger range of engines in the 9-5 sedan, the 9-3 ePower and the new e-AAM Driveline Systems partnership to work on hybrid drivetrains. That’s plenty to keep the newshounds busy and it keeps some more bullets in the chamber for later on.

The Saab 9-4x is going to be seen in Los Angeles in November. I expect the Saab 9-5 SportCombi to be seen at Geneva in March 2011.

But I could be wrong 😉 .

It’s worth noting that also predict the 9-4x could show in Paris, which is another reason why I’m a bit skeptical about their predictions there.

Thanks to A-RO for the AMS tip in comments.

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