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I showed some pictures from Auto Motor and Sport a few days ago. They were AMS renderings of what they think a new Saab Sonett could look like.

Those images appeared in an paper issue of AMS that’s been released to the public today. Oscar K was kind enough to volunteer a translation, and AMS were kind enough to give me the OK to share it here for those not blessed with the Swedish language.

Swedes should go buy a copy of the mag and read it for themselves 🙂 .

Thanks to Oscar for the translation.


“Victor Müller told us that the Saab 92 will be a “modern retro” and claims that the design department already got the main character of the car finished. Saabs new head of design Jason Castriota confirms that the “model 92” is being created, but he doesn’t want to describe it as a retro – “not in the same way as a Mini or a Fiat 500”. But it will have unmistakable features, which you can easily associate with other models through Saab’s history, the Head of Design says.

The Saab 92 will be a “buying construction” [that is, they will buy the platform on which they will develop the Saab 92] in the basis, but when it comes to existing models Saab have developed a whole new architecture themselves, which will be the basis of the new 9-3. According to Jan Ã…ke Jonsson the solution is so flexible that it will be the base of the next generation of the 9-5 and the 9-4X. Jonsson confirms that taking home the production of the 9-4X from GM’s factories in Mexico to Sweden is included in Saabs plans.

The new architecture makes it possible to largely vary the size of the car, the kind of power train and the kind bodywork, at the same time as it gives clear synergy effects and greatly decreases the investment costs, Jan Ã…ke Jonsson explained in an interview recently.

This means that Saab now has the opportunity to increase their number of models without the cost getting unrealistic. And that makes it possible for the model which Jonsson, Victor Müller and Jason Castriota would like to see as the fifth Saab among their models, a new interpretation of the sports car Sonett.

Victor Müller has since he joined Saab explained that he wants to build a two-seater which would be designed as the admired concept car Aero X on the Geneva Motor Show in 2006, and several presidents of Saab which AMS has talked to thinks the Sonett would be an important “boost for the brand”.

Even the survey we did among our readers at our website one year ago showed great interest of a modern Sonett. It came fourth in the “most important car for the future”.

“A Sonett would be incredibly fun and very good for the brand”, Magnus Hansson, marketing strategist said as a comment on the readers answers.

Head of Design Jason Castriota, who has drawn sports cars for both Ferrari and Maserati, was given the question in a TV-interview if he is sketching on a two-seater Saab.

“Of course I am, everyone knows that Victor Müller very much would like to see a new interpretation of the legendary Sonett”, he answered.

In an interview recently the Head of Design repeated his interest of a sports car with Saab-DNA: “I have started to seriously look at a modern tribiute of the Sonett, and I can reveal that I didn’t have to argue an especially long time to get the board on my side…”

Jason Castriota sees the Audi TT as one of the competitors, but is strict to conjure Saabs own art. He agrees with several of the comments of the readers from the AMS-survey at the website: “Be more daring in the design, show the aircraft connections, overdo the cockpit feeling, do the Mac of the car world, don’t be satisfied with second best…” Castriota also agrees with his colleague Simon Padian at the design department: ” A niche car from Saab doesn’t have to be extreme in performande or price, but it has to be focused on being a Saab. We will not hunt Audi and BMW, we’re only going to do our thing.”

We do not know how Jason Castriotas new interpretation of the Sonett will look like, but we are guessing it will be close by the computer images our illustrator has created from the concept car Aero X.

Auto Motor and Sport Saab Sonett rendering

Auto Motor and Sport Saab Sonett rendering

Castriota thinks that the new Sonett has to have a clear Scandinavian shape, which he thinks is simple and clean. And it has to be unmistakeably a Saab which clearly shows it’s relation with the aircrafts aerodynamics.

The question of what kind of power train the car will have the Head of Designs answers: If there is a petrol-, diesel, or hybrid engine under the hood is less important than the genes of the brand, it’s DNA, which will be obvious when you see the car coming.

The decision to make a new interpretation of the Sonett is not done yet, but it will be in Saabs calendar the following years. The will exists, but not the money. But to Müller and the others it may not be an impossible obstacle. Don’t be surprised if you see a “Sonett IV” in a Motor Show in 2014 or 2015.”


I’d like to stress again that as much as I’d love to see this vehicle become a reality, this article is a speculative piece.

Saab will work first to get a partnership to build the Saab 92 – a small four-seater. Whether they can extend a partnership to include a two-seater Sonett will be another thing all together.

I hope so, but will refrain from holding my breath at this point in time.

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