Automobile cover the future for Saab and Volvo

There’s a very good feature article in the online version of Automobile right now.

It takes a look at the difficult situations that have faced both Saab and Volvo over the last 18 months and the resultant sunlight that’s peeking through those corporate stormcoulds for both companies.

General Motors swallowed Saab in 1990 amid great hoopla and then cut it off at the knees. It sucked the life out of the boutique operation, which perpetually lost money, before eventually sucking out its brains entirely…..

There are very good analyses of the sale, the new 9-5 (S60 for Volvo) and the times ahead for both companies, with a pretty strong focus on Saab throughout.

The 9-5 is an example of what GM did right with the Swedish brand. The car is a convincing Saab and, despite its genesis, makes a fitting new entry for the re-emergent brand. It won’t be an easy road, but you can’t help but get the sense that the sun is shining on Saab once again.

Bring a warm beverage and park yourself in a comfy chair – this is a 12-page epic, which is somewhat unusual in the ADHD world of internet publishing.


There are a few mentions of various 9-5 product configurations for what I presume is the US market. I haven’t heard anything concrete about these but it’ll be interesting to see if they’re accurate.

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