Charles River Saab to be on Boston TV this week!

My mates at Charles River Saab are quite possibly going to be on TV this week.

….it’s a spot which was filmed late spring by WCVB television in Boston. They had been out here a few times during the “SAAB is Dead” and “SAAB lives again” moments to do some quick stories, and their evening magazine show came by to do an extended piece on us as part of a broadcast where they chronicled dealers who are closing (Saturn, et al) and those who have new lease on life.

Not sure if the broadcast can be viewed in real time but I bet the segment will be available on their website

All you Beantown types, keep an eye out for it.

The show is scheduled to air on Wednesday, September 8th at 7:30pm on Channel 5.


Also another bit of news from CRS.

Images of our mate Till72 came to mind when I arrived at CRS a few weeks ago because like him, they had a Saab 9-3x with some significant advertising on it.

Sadly, the car was hit by a rental truck late last week, resulting in some significant damage to the car.


I’m advised that they’ll most likely have the car repaired, or if not, then another will be ‘wrapped’ in its place.

Good thing, as I think it looks fantastic!

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