Colored Saab brightens dreary Volvo parking lot

Our source for this photo set wishes to remain anonymous, but says these images were snapped in a visitors carpark outside “another Swedish car maker”.

My guess is that it wasn’t Koenigsegg πŸ™‚

Saab 95

My first thought upon seeing this was “Gee, the Swedish weather’s taken a turn for the worse since I was there a few months ago…..”

Saab 95

My second thought was “Gee, it’s nice to see some bright color in that black/grey/silver car park!”

The truth, however, is that many modern large cars would look silly in bright orange and that modern metallic silver/grey/black paintjobs do add a decent dollop of sophistication to many ordinary looking designs.

Saab 95

….and the third thing I thought when I looked at these was “Geez, the Saab 95 has got to be one of the most overlooked and underexposed Saabs of all time, possibly just behind the first-generation 9000”

Which is true, IMHO.

Carlsson nearly won a Monte Carlo in a Saab 95. Imagine one of the most prestigious rallies of the era being won by a guy in a stationwagon (even if it’s one of the only three-door wagons in the world).

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