Demo Saab 9-5 stolen in Netherlands

Alert!! and update, below….

If you’re in Holland, keep an eye out for this car….

This car is a demo car and it was stolen today from a dealership in Lemmer.

The licence plate is 86-NBF-1. Anyone seeing it should call the police and it probably wouldn’t hurt to call Autoschaap, the local dealer there.

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The following is a message from the dealer, sent to David J:

Today on wednesday september 1st, 2010 at 6.00 p.m. our new Saab 9-5 demo car was not returned after a test-drive.

After haven spoken to the police, it appears that this ‘customer’ is a master swindler who ‘lends’ cars more often for an unknown period of time.

This ‘customer’ is known under the name Mr. F.H.F. S*******, he is 1.85m to 1.90m tall, dark hair, tanned face, speaks with a strange accent, says he lives in Kuinre (NL) but his drivers license is registered in Delfzijl (NL).

More details on the car:

New model Saab 9-5 Vector Exklusiv TiD Automatic, Fjord Blue (dark blue metallic), with partially leather upholstery, 18 inch wheels.
Dutch license plate: 86-NBF-1 / Chassis nr: YS3GP4ALXA4001024

Watch out! The license plates could be exchanged for others, possibly French plates. The car that he left behind (a Renault Laguna) also had false French plates and was also stolen and now impounded by the police.

If anyone sees this car driving, please let us know his whereabouts. Dutch people can contact the police by calling 0900-8844 district Friesland. Foreigners can also contact the local authorities or dial +31 900 8844.

Thanks to everyone for looking out for this car!!

Best regards,

Auto Schaap in Lemmer

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