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More to come, but here’s a screenshot…..

A Dutch radio station has reported that a contract will be signed in Sweden tomorrow between BMW and Saab. The exact nature of the co-operation is not known at this time but may come out in subsequent reports.

Saab-BMW Dutch report

More to be added as it comes to hand…… and bear in mind that this is unconfirmed. I have a feeling it will stay that way (i.e. that it’s true but there won’t be a comment until it’s announced formally).



From Reuters:

AMSTERDAM, Sept 27 (Reuters) – Car makers Saab and BMW (BMWG.DE) will start cooperating to give the Swedish loss-making manufacturer access to BMW’s technology and parts, Dutch public broadcaster NOS said on Monday.

Saab, which was bought early this year by Dutch luxury car maker Spyker (SPYKR.AS) from U.S.-based General Motors [GM.UL], and BMW are scheduled to sign the deal on Wednesday, NOS said, citing sources at the two car makers.

In June, a Swedish daily reported that Saab was in talks with BMW to use its engines and transmissions in a new version of the 9-2 model. [ID:nLDE65A0Q5]

Spyker Cars Chief Executive later told Reuters in June that he was in talks with several potential partners and that a decision could be expected by year-end. [ID:nLDE65K0X4]

Spyker, which was loss-making last year, could not comment immediately. BMW was not immediately available to comment.

(Reporting by Gilbert Kreijger and Maria Sheahan; Editing by Mike Nesbit)

Not much new there. Based on a report already below.

Thanks WooDz



Video from NOS (in Dutch).



Googletrans from FD.nl

Carmakers BMW and Saab announced Wednesday a long partnership. The Swedish car manufacturer buys technology from the German BMW.

This message is based on ‘reliable sources’ within both automakers. Both companies want nothing to say about the deal yet.

For Saab, the purchase of technology is an important part of the strategy to regain profitability. The company still has enough knowledge and resources to independently develop new cars.

BMW sells certain techniques in order to obtain an additional income.



A Gooletrans of the original NOS report (screenshot above):

Saab and BMW will cooperate on technology. That is what NOS has heard from sources at the two car brands. Wednesday, the signatures [will be] put to the agreement.

It is intended that Saab will buy parts and technology from BMW. Saab wants in the coming years with BMW technology to focus on building a smaller car.

The Saab was divested earlier this year by General Motors, and the small Dutch car manufacturer Spyker Victor Muller took over. Saab is now [making losses], but hopes to come out of the red in 2012.

Thanks to Patrick V for the tip!

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