ex-Abbott Racing Saab for sale

It’s not often a racing Saab becomes available for sale, especially one with this level of pedigree.

Abbott Racing are a famed Saab tuning and performance workshop in Essex, England. They’re well known in their own country for all manner of Saab performance enhancement, but probably most known outside England for their fantastic Viggen Rescue Kit – a combination of parts that makes the Viggen more controllable and predictable, without taking away it’s wild nature.

Abbott Racing, as the name suggests, were also involved in many different levels of motorsport over the years. According to the advertisment, this Saab was raced by Lionel Abbott in the British Touring Car Championship.

The current owner had it restored to its former glory but now lives in France and has barely had time to take it to the track. Hence the sale.

  • 2.3L low compression Carlson engine with 320bhp (adjustable)
  • New modified gearbox with final drive set to max 150mph.
  • All new adjustable suspension plus two set wheels/tyres.
  • Fully welded body with substantial integral roll cage picking up all suspension points.
  • Torsional stiffness approx 17,500 ft lbs giving it handling characteristics way beyond any modified road car.
  • Weight approx 1050 kilos giving approx 305bhp/tonne.
  • Custom built induction with T4 turbo, large crossflow intercooler and Water/Methanol injection.
  • Car is being sold including its Galvanised tilt bed trailer, with wheel carrier, and two covers (dust and weather)
  • Click here for the full advertisment.

    Thanks to Greg for the tip!

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