Friday Snippets – distracted driving edition

I’m not normally given to promoting government policies/initiatives on this website, but today’s an exception.

The US Secretary for Transportation, Ray La Hood, has used Autoblog to publish and promote a message about distracted driving, which will be the subject of a national summit in DC, on September 21.

Distracted driving is an important issue, responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths each year (an estimated 6,000 deaths in 2008).

It’s one that’s taken pretty seriously where I live, too. For example, if you’re caught using your phone whilst behind the wheel here in Tassie, you lose three points off your licence (a 12-point system) and pay a $300 fine.


And speaking of politically driven writings….

This is a reasonable, albeit brief look at Sweden through the years, from a fiscal/political point of view. Unfortunately, the writer doesn’t finish the Saab story, stopping at how the government was happy to “let Saab fail”.


Some of you might now that my recent travels to Sweden, England and the US have given me Sonett fever. I’ve been fortunate enough to ride in – and drive – some very special Sonetts over the last few months.

Sonett fever means that I’m always looking up Sonett stuff on the web. Exisiting Sonett owners might be curious to know that the doyen of all things V4, Jack Ashcraft, has recently completed a book on working with fibreglass.

When Jack’s not working on old Saabs, he’s doing technical automotive drawings. Needless to say, there’s plenty of illustrations inside this 112 page book (over 280 illustrations, in fact!) to show you all the details of the things he’s telling you about.

Looks good! Lots of other V4 and Sonett related books on his regular website, too (you’ll need to download the catalog, the bookstore link isn’t working).


Seen on Flickr, a Polish Finnish vintage police car.

Polish Police Saab 99

Why do I think I’ve seen it before? Convoy? I searched, but couldn’t find it.

Anyway, a beautiful example.


And spotted by Olav (who always takes the long road home)…..

The Norwegian National Guard doing some training:

Norwegian Nat Guard shoot up a Saab

Poor Saab.


More strange Saabs for sale, and more Brown Saabs – coming up!

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