Germans: Vote for the Saab 9-5!

Hey, German readers.

You have a chance to vote for the Saab 9-5 in the 2011 ADAC Yellow Angel award – for the favourite car on the German market.

This is the seventh set of ADAC awards, which they tout as being the “Automotive Oscars”.

Awards are offered in the following categories: Cars, quality, Innovation and Environment and personality. OK, that’s only four categories…..For the first time there is an award for the ADAC car of the future. The award goes to the model that is the most advanced in terms of practicality, economy, environmental friendliness and safety.

All ADAC members are eligible to vote, so please click here for the start of the poll and have your say (in favour of the 9-5, of course!)

Thanks to Sebastian!!

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