Hemmings Magazine Nov2010 – Saab Feature

Here’s a heads-up to keep a lookout for the November 2010 edition of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car magazine.

As you can see from the front cover, above, there’s going to be quite the Saab feature in the November edition. Actually, there’ll be a couple of them.

From Mark McCourt, Associate Editor:

Sports & Exotic Car editor Dave LaChance and I enjoyed spending some time with GM engineer and Saab guru Gary Stottler, and his fantastic 99 EMS and 99 Turbo, last fall, and our cover story “Gudmund’s Glory” is the result of this visit.

A second special Saab feature in this same issue, “Looking Back, Moving Forward,” is the outcome of my July trip to the 2010 9-5 Aero media ride-and-drive event at the Monticello Motor Club, where Vintage Saab Club of North America president Bruce Turk’s Sonetts II and III were so beautifully displayed. We were able to tease some interesting comments from Victor, Jan-Ake and Jason Castriota about their favorite vintage Saabs, and how these older cars might play into the future of Saab design.

Sounds like some very interesting reading. My copy is on its way 🙂

I’m not sure exactly when this will hit the news stands, but I recommend US readers keep an eye out for it.

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