Hirsch Saab 9-3 for sale in Oz

I was surfing the Saabs for sale on the interwebs today and noticed this unique Saab 9-3.

HIrsch Saab 9-3

According to the ad description, this is one of the three original vehicles brought in by Saab Australia and modified by Hirsch Performance, Saab’s official tuning house. The other two were a 9-5 sedan (owned by a friend in Melbourne) and a 9-5 SportCombi. No other Hirsch modified vehicles have officially been sold by Saab Australia (though I do have a Hirsch ECU on my Monte Carlo 🙂 )

Hirsch 9-3 rear

It doesn’t seem to have the full interior treatment or as aggressive a stance as Jeff’s 9-5, but it does look pretty good. You can see that nice big Hirsch pipe out the back, venting the 250hp lump in the front.

The car’s only got 86,000kms on the clock and is priced at just $22,500 – seems pretty reasonable for the age, power and unique nature of the car.

Just thought the rest of you Aussies might want to know.

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