Jan-Ake Jonsson wins another management award

If you followed the saga of Saab’s sale through 2009 and early 2010, then you might have some appreciation for the difficulty Saab’s head honcho, Jan-Ake Jonsson, had during that time.

It’s fitting, therefore, that he has received more than just a little recognition this year from the Swedish business community. He’s already received recognition from the Western Sweden Chamber of Commerce, for starters.

Yesterday, TTELA and others reported another award being presented to JAJ. The translation of that article on Google wasn’t particularly print-worthy, but thankfully, a friend named Anders has stepped into the breach and provided a great summary from another source and with a good English translation.


Swedish Managers Association’s (a union for Managers) Distinguished Directors Award was awarded Jan Åke Jonsson today, Managing Director of Saab Automobile AB.

The Prize was awarded at Managers Days (a conference organized by the association) in Helsingborg.

The prize is awarded to a director who in his leadership have excelled in challenging times, managed to get the staff with him/her and developed the business with an extraordinary performance as a result.

This year’s prize goes to Jan Ake Jonsson, CEO of Saab. The jury’s motivation:

Jonsson Jan Åke is a manager who has distinguished himself for his unwavering faith in the employees and the company. When the storm was at its worst – and Saab was counted out by many – he showed power, commitment and cooperation. He showed leadership at a tough time.

In connection to the award Jan Åke Jonsson will give a speech with the theme “What type of leadership is needed to lead an organization through the storm and in a crisis?”

Other nominees were Margareta Widell, head of environmental management in Stockholm, Lars Påhlson, MD and Roy Leaf Canada Bergwall, HR Manager Southern Älvsborgsbron Hospital.


Congratulations once again to Jan-Ake Jonsson. You didn’t get this welcome at the gate from employees just because of your pretty face….

Jan-Ake Jonsson greeted at the gate

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