Jöran Hägglund writes a book about the Saab sale

I’ve just heard from a friend in the Swedish press that Jöran Hägglund, the secretary of the Industry Ministry at the time of the Saab sale, has penned a book about the sale of Saab Automobile.

It’s due for release on September 9 and promises to provide a pretty unique insight into the deal. The title (or a translation of it) is “The Saab deal from the inside”.

Jöran Hägglund’s role in the sale grew as things got closer to a conclusion. He was eventually appointed to handle the government’s role within the deal on a full-time basis after the Koenigsegg deal fell apart.

From that perspective, it’s going to make for an exceptionally interesting read. It’s my concrete belief that Koenigsegg were poorly served by people in the government, who rarely took their bid seriously and only realised the full extent of the danger Swedish Industry was facing when Koenigsegg finally pulled out.

Hägglund’s assessment of his colleague’s conduct during that time will make for some very interesting reading.

Of course, the deal got done in the end and Hägglund played a vital role in that happening. If anyone’s going to have a well-rounded perspective on what really happened during 2009/10, it’ll be him.

I just hope there’s a version translated into English.

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