Just Saab Road Rally – October 10

rally plate just saabI know we’ve got a number of Saab owners from Ohio that check in here regularly, so I figured a few of you might be interested in the road rally being hosted by Just Saab, from Cincinnati.

This looks like a great family event and I look forward to a follow-up report on how things went. It’s great to see it being intitiated by a dealer, too.

Just Saab are one of the few Saab dealerships to own a Spyker vehicle. They hope to have it out on the day, and perhaps a 9-5 or two as well.


The rally is on Sunday, October 10, 2010.

It starts from Just Saab, Cincinnati, located at 6323 Madison Road, Madisonville.

Check-in Opens at 10:00 AM and there’s a driver’s briefing at 10:30 AM. The first car will drive off at 11:00 AM.

The rally is limited to the first 30 entrants and is restricted to Saabs only. Right now, they have around 20 entrants, so there are just 10 places left.

Anyone wishing to participate: Please register by e-mail to AJ Murphy on [email protected] by Sept. 30th


What is the Just Saab Road Rally?

A road rally is a driving tour in the country, on public roads where a group of people compete in a very casual contest of navigational and driving skills. Any street legal vehicle can be entered into the rally.

At least two people are needed in a vehicle, a driver and a navigator, although additional passengers are allowed. All participants in the vehicle are known as a “team.” Shortly before the rally begins, all teams are assembled for a general briefing on the course, the rules and any safety concerns that may need to be addressed. The teams are then lined up and released onto the course at one minute intervals. Saab rallies are held rain or shine.

As each team leaves the “gate” they receive a “Rally Packet” that includes directions and tour questions.

The directions might say, for example: “ 1. Follow current road through two stop signs and turn right at traffic light. 2.Turn right after SRIP (Sign Reading in Part) Eagle Creek”. By following these directions, the teams will work their way to the final destination.

There will also be tour questions that will be typical for the route. For example: “Who lives at 2934 Wolf Run Road?” As each team drives up Wolf Run Road, they need to look for the correct mailbox and write down the name posted on the mailbox. Five points are awarded for each correct answer.

All of our rallies have at least one scheduled “Pit Stop” which is a predesignated spot on the route where you can get out and stretch your legs and take a bathroom break.

Our rallies are designed in such a way that no matter what you are driving, the car does not hold a competitive edge. High speed is not important. The objective is to cross the finish line after accumulating the correct number of miles to traverse the course in the correct amount of time as determined by the Rally Master.

The winner is determined by time and mileage combined with the number of correct answers to the questions

The objective of the rally is twofold. First, is to have an enjoyable drive in your Saab through the country while viewing the beautiful land where we live. Second, is to score points in order to be eligible to win prizes after the rally. At the conclusion of the rally, the scores are tallied and prizes are awarded to the top scoring teams.


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