Kids and Saabs

Here’s a question, prompted in my mind this morning when I saw this tweet by @NewSalemSaab:

We have several low priced really good preowned Saabs on our lot looking for new owners…Great college cars….Safe and reliable!

We talk a lot about the Saabs we own and I think its fair to say the majority of readers here are either parents, or of the parenting age.

The question is – For those with kids that are of driving age, how many of you have put your kids in a Saab? How many of you plan to do so when the kid gets to driving age?

Here in Australia, it’s a bit of a problem sometimes because young drivers are murdered by insurance companies when it comes to covering just about anything with a turbocharger on it.

Our young bloke drives a Subaru Impreza for that reason, but he’s got his eyes on my Monte Carlo and will probably steal it from me when it comes time for me to get a replacement. And I’ll be happy to see him in it, too. The Suuby’s a good little car, but I reckon he’ll enjoy the Monte and more importantly, I’ll feel a lot better knowing he’s in a safer car.

You love Saabs. Have you passed that love on down the family line? Do your kids get your hand-me-downs when you replace your Saab?

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