Monday Morning Snippets

Crazy work day here.


Swedish elections are over and I’d like to welcome Sweden to the increasingly popular land of difficult hung parliaments.

There’s an interesting profile of Prime Minister Reinfeldt here. He drives a Saab. Pity it didn’t make him more amenable to helping them out quickly and efficiently back when it mattered, but I guess he had what seemed like bigger fish to fry.


A German magazine has been photoshopping the Saab 9-4x – with 9-5 wheels and what is presumably a paint scheme to reflect the new Dutch ownership of the company.

saab 9-4x in orange

The article seems to be about the LA Auto Show in November, though I don’t think we’re going to see an orange 9-4x there. Snow Silver or white, maybe. Orange? No.

Thanks Till!


And speaking of the LA Auto Show…..

“Me” has tracked down the floorplan for the show, which will be at the LA Convention Center from November 19 to 28.

Saab will have 6,000 sq ft of space in the South Hall, wedged between Volkswagen and Suzuki. Click.

LA Auto Show Layout 2010

Thanks “Me”


The CEO of Boston Power is very happy about the Saab 9-3 ePower to be shown at the Paris Motor Show.

This car has 27 percent more driving range per weight and volume than any other [electric] car…..she said. The company will test the vehicles in Sweden over the next two years, but Lampe-Onnerud said that Saab has promised to send her one.

I guess you could say that that’s the most exciting thing about the ePower. If you could make it commercially viable, then it’s not just an electric vehicle (a-la the Tesla), it’s a useful electric vehicle.

I don’t expect any full electric Saabs in the near-medium term, however, despite the enthusiasm shown by Auto Motor and Sport for their test drive of the Pure Electric Saab 9-3 Convertible. This fleet Saab are doing is a test fleet and I think it’s aimed at learning more about the tech so they can adapt it to things consumers are more accustomed or open to using already – hybrids.


Another Brown Saab…..

Saab 99 GLE

This 1976 Saab 99GLE was owned by Kyle W in California. He got it when he was just 12 years old and it actually survived a T-bone accident (protecting his parents at the same time), was rebuilt and stayed in the family for some considerable time.

He mentions in his email that his wife now drives a Hazelnut Saab 9-3, keeping the brown connection alive!


From Mattias:

Saab parked


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