Monday Morning Snippets – follow-up edition

Here we go again. Another week, but there’s the Paris Auto Show at the end of this one.

It’ll be interesting to see what Saab have got to show (if there’s nothing we don’t already know about).


Tobias A has spotted some timber panelling for the new 9-5 on what I think might be the Saab Sweden website….

Saab 9-5 wood dekor

Very nice for those who like woody stuff.


Earlier this year, Volvo had trouble getting their demo vehicles to not hit other cars.

Now they’re having trouble getting their demo vehicles to not hit pedestrians.

In total, 12 attempts to trigger the Pedestrian Avoidance Technology resulted in three failures – two in which the system deployed too late and one, not at all. Ironically, ours was the final demonstration of the four week-long launch event, in which around 650 journalists from around the world had driven at Bob (a dummy used for the test) with what Volvo says was a 99.7 per cent success rate. It has not quantified what types of failure comprised the remaining 0.3 per cent.

It’s good technology and I’m sure Volvo will work out the bugs from this demonstration, but once again, I worry about people coming to rely on stuff like this instead of using their own skills as a driver.


And another follow up piece……

Last year I wrote an open letter to a young guy named Isaac S Yoder. His father is a writer with the Wall Street Journal and they’d been doing a father-son tag team series covering Isaac’s progressions through teenage life and into college life. One of those articles included machinations from the father and some excitement from the son about the purchase of a Saab 900 Convertible – this was the subject of my open letter.

Young Isaac’s had a good time in the convertible….

More than 13,000 miles and 21 states later — and after weeks of living out of it, an infestation of Africanized (killer) bees, bizarre engine noises on remote roads, dozens of long drives through the night and one blown tire — we’ve had enough adventures together that I feel like we’re more than just old friends.

…. but the potential costs are mounting and he’s considering the inevitability of having to let it go. The latest article in this saga is here at the WSJ.

With college fees mounting, I can understand the theory behind this. I’d still like to offer young Master Yoder (I couldn’t resist that one) a token suggestion: pay it forward.

Isaac, age 19, has a younger brother named Levi, age 15. I’m sure Dad would love to help young Levi maintain the car for a year or so, until he’s of an age to enjoy it just as much.


And a final piece of follow-up…..

Regular readers will recall Saabrobz’s personal moose test, which left his Saab 9000 in the graveyard.

Via Flickr, it looks like his story’s getting it’s happy ending just now with the acquisition of an early 9-3 Aero Coupe. Nice pickup, Saabrobz!

SaabRobz 9-3 Aero

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