Photo Mysteries from Swedish Car Day XI

A quick post with some brain teasers from the Swedish Car Day XI. The idea is to answer the questions in comments. No cheating! If you’ve already been “in on” the secret, please defer.

First up, a license plate brain teaser.  This is Steve in NJ’s beautiful Saab 900 convertible.  His license plate is a personalized or vanity plate, but at first glance doesn’t seem to be.  What does it say or what does it stand for?


Second, here is a great example of Erik Carlsson’s generosity — he’s signed this Saab for the owner!  Upon which model Saab does this signature appear?  (Absolutely no answers from any New England residents, you have seen this most likely.)


Third, this is a photograph of Swade speaking in the upper room of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum.  What make and model is the car is parked in the middle of the room that everyone seems to be standing around?  Hint:  it is not a Saab.


Bonus question:  As I mentioned in my previous post, we were impressed with In Control driver training.   With four cars employed for a full-day course (about four hours of driving given the amount of classroom time), how many classes does it typically take for In Control to wear through a set of H-rated tires on each of the cars?

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