Quick impression – living with the Saab 9-5

This is from Baracuda – I featured one of his photos in a snippets entry earlier today. Below are his thoughts on a quick blast in the 9-5 and a few more photos, too.

Like the Autobild entry, this comes from Germany. It’s always interesting to hear more thoughts from that part of the world.


So the car is an abslote eyecatcher, wherever you go or drive the people around are looking at the car. If a Saab driver is around on a parking lot you have plenty of conversation material with the new 9-5.

It’s running very nice and smooth and the V6 has enough power for the normal ride. But I am also waiting to see what Hirsch will get me. 😉

The quality overall inside the car looks very good except the fitting of the parchment premium leather on the seats. There is some space for improvement there.

The Navigation system is absolutely brilliant and intuitive. The voice control works perfect. And the Harman/Kardon Soundsystem is one of the best in car audio system i have ever heard.

The Lane Departure Warning System is also very useful and works pretty impressive. I also like the Traffic Sign Recognition because it also shows you when there is no speed limit here in Germany at that is a useful feature (I loved this too – SW).

The DriveSense System is really cool, you can really feel the difference between the three modes. I’ve tended to keep it in the Intelligent position.

Head-Up Display is nice to have in the car and it’s on all the time when I am driving.

The only thing that our family Turbo X can do a lot better than the 9-5 Turbo6 is the sound. But hey, the 9-5 is a cruiser.

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