Reasons to hold on to your car….

A few years ago I ran a competition at Trollhattan Saab called “Saab Pride”. Various people wrote in with some great photos of their car, telling stories of things they’d done with their car, why they love their Saabs, etc. It was a tremendous success and almost spawned a book (stay tuned, still considering the possibilities on that one….).

One of the entries came from a guy named Bjarne. He was a Swede living in the United States.

Bjarne Saab 9-3

I thought it was pretty funny that a Swede went to live in America but bought his 9-3 SportCombi through the European Delivery Program. Not only did he get it a bit cheaper, he got a trip home to Sweden as well!

So….. I just received an email from Bjarne with a bit of follow up news.

The family have now moved back to Sweden, but given that they had so many good experiences in the US with their 9-3 SportCombi, they decided to bring that home with them! They just didn’t want to part with the memories.

Now, Bjarne’s feeling like they’ll never EVER be able to part with the car. Why?

Last week there was another major event involving this car. My second child, a daughter, was born in the back seat! We understod it was cricital and tried to get to the hopsital in time, but on the highway (only a few minutes away from the hopsital) my wife told me that the baby would come. And so she did, while I was going 150 km/h on the highway.

Everything went well and we are happy. The leather seats are still in great shape!

Congratulations to the family on the new (and safe) arrival of the little Bjarnette.

And long live the Saab 9-3 SportCombi that’s seen so much of the world and provided so many memories.

A great story.

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