Reports: Saab 92 deal signed – unconfirmed


I’ve just received an email from Victor Muller.

As usual, nonsense. there is no such contract.

As mentioned below, I was a little sceptical of the Mibz piece and on listening to pieces of the interview at autoactu (after this post was written), I couldn’t actually hear Victor’s voice saying anything to this effect, or saying anything. They have a picture of him in the intro to the piece. Maybe I just didn’t listen to enough of it.

In any case, it seems a matter of watching this space. We all know that Saab want to build this car and are working feverishly towards making that a reality.

What Victor’s saying here is that it a deal isn’t done……. yet.


I didn’t believe it when I first saw it on Mibz last night but it seems there may indeed be reports floating around that Saab have signed a technology deal that will enable them to make the much talked about Saab 92 compact car.

Victor Muller, the Spyker chief, announced that it has found a partner to develop new Saab 9-2.

Mibz doesn’t have the best reputation for developing their own stories and they didn’t say where they’d got that information from. No links, no nothing.

Since then, an interview in French has popped up, where apparently VM has indeed mentioned a partnership deal for the 92.

The interview appears at autoactu and in writing to me about it, PierreT writes:

I listened to VM on and he did affirm that they signed a deal with a manufacturer to produce a small SAAB, (including the platform).

I’ve written to VM to seek some clarification and I’ll also try and get a translation of important bits of that radio interview.

Exciting times! But it is all unconfirmed at this point….

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