Right-sizing the new Saab 3-spoke wheels

It’s been mentioned more than once that the renderings of the new 3-spoke wheels don’t quite look like they’re the right size. On the Build-Your-Own Saab configurator, they look more like they’re 18 or 19-inch wheels rather than 16s.

Accordingly, “Me” has been plying his photoshop skills to put these wheels back into scale so we can see something closer to what they’ll really look like.

Click to enlarge.

Pic 1 – A Saab 9-3 with a regular 18 inch TX wheel.

Pic 2 – A Saab 9-3 with supposed 16-inch rims from the configurator. As you can see, they’re pretty comparable to the 18s shown above.

Pic 3 – A Saab 9-3 with some 16-inch rims, from the configurator. As you can see, there’s more gap in the wheel arches there.

And Pic 4 – The new Saab 3-spokes from Pic 2, but scaled down via photoshop to approximate the wheel size depicted in Pic 3.


As you can see, the smaller rim size really suits the three-spoke pattern better and the proportions of the wheels look much better, too.

Saaby wheels, great look, smoother ride and cheaper tyres. Excellent!

Thanks to “Me” for the great work.

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