Rockstar Swade safely home in Hobart

As the title suggests, Swade’s lengthy journey from Boston is over, he’s home in Hobart.  There was some speculation that he might have been on the Qantas flight that suffered mechanical issues out of San Francisco and was forced to return there.

I’m off to Chicago on a six A.M. flight myself, so I’ll make this post brief.

Even though I kid Swade about his newly found celebrity, I am dead serious about his celebrity status.  The question is this:  “why?”  Why has Steven Wade gained fame as a result of his writing?  After all, there’s some truth to his self-effacing answer that he’s “someone with time on his hands that writes about what he likes” (paraphrase).  Why is he so highly regarded?

My answer is simple:  He’s a person that cares, and he has no guile about him.  Those people aren’t as rare in this world as one might think, but I think that it’s unusual that someone with those qualities manages to stand out in the crowd.  Why does he stand out?  There lies the secret to Swade’s success:  he works his butt off making SaabsUnited go.

He is passionate about Saabs.  He is forthright and open.  He works very, very hard.  These are the qualities that make Steven Wade the rockstar that he is amongst us.

Swade with Tedjs, Chip, Carl, Curvin and Parveen

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