Saab 9-5 review from Ireland

When I attended the Saab 9-5 launch back in June, I was there with members of the Irish and German automotive press corps.

The 9-5 took a few punches from the Irish in terms of driveability, primarily because like the English types we’ve wanted to stone to death heard from recently, they seemed to be funneled into the base model diesel quite a lot.

Saab has just hosted another round of press drives in Ireland, giving access to a wider variety of cars to a wider variety of journos and it seems they were a bit happier testing the car on home turf.

From Drive Magazine……

So, what to make of the 9-5, the first car to be launched by ‘New Saab?’ Well, it would be easy to give it the curate’s egg verdict; good in parts, but ultimately not up to the lofty standards set by its major German competitors.

But that’s just not right. True, there are flaws but it’s good enough, more than good enough, to compete with its head held high and it has an easy likability about it, that few if any other premium cars have.

Now, with journos having access to more varieties of the 9-5, you might think they’re writing about an Aero there. But it’s not. In fact, it’s the same 2.0 TiD Linear that their compatriots liked, but just not as much.

I hear from a contact there in Ireland that they had extremely good feedback from customers during a recent test drive campaign there, too, with over 150 test drives taken and a lot of happy customers as a result.

We get awfully picky about this car – for good and noble reasons, mind you – but any considerations to perceived flaws should not be viewed as the end of the world, as can often be the case in comments here. The baseline for any considerations should rightly be “This is one heck of a good car, whether it be a new start for Saab, or not.”

Thanks to Emmet for the heads up!

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