Saab 9-5 showing at General Sales Saab, PA

General Sales Saab in Westchester, PA did their launch of the new Saab 9-5 the same weekend as Swedish Car Day, so I haven’t been able to cover it until now.

It looks like they had a fantastic event, though, and went to lots of trouble to get a great range of cars at the showroom to get the crowd buzzing. Of course, the greatest buzz was about the 9-5, but just have a look at the supporting cast and you’ll see another reason why people were happy to come along and check it all out.

That right there is the real deal – an original Saab Sonett and the only one in private hands in the United States. It created some great buzz with those who attended, some of whom couldn’t believe that it was a Saab!

As mentioned above, they had a great supporting cast for the new 9-5 and it wasn’t just limited to the original and uber-rare Saab Sonett in attendance.

General Sales Saab used the launch as an opportunity to show off a little bit more of Saab’s heritage and tie customers to a little of the brand’s history as well. John C reported that the move paid off well, with attendees enjoying the chance to look over the Classic 900s and other vintage models on display (and that’s his own Saab 95 wagon there, too, a recent acquisition).

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