Saab 900 Enduro bound for Targa Tasmania?

This is one that’s of special interest to me, being here in Tassie.

The full story appears on

In short, one of the Melbourne-based Saab owners who posts there called into his mechanic’s workshop and saw this on the hoist….

Saab 900 Enduro

It’s a Saab 900 Enduro, one of only 12 built by Saab Australia back when the 900 was still pretty new, in 1980. The Enduro version had a rather radical (to say the least) body kit, water injection, an uprated wastegate (17psi boost!), improved suspension, better instrumentation as well as phat Simmons wheels and appropriate rubber to fill out those huge wheel arches.

Another Enduro, in non-racing garb….

Saab 900 Enduro

Only around half of the Enduros originally built by Saab Australia are thought to still be in existence and are highly collectable.

What aroused my curiosity straight away in the top photo is the name “Kingsway Motors” on the back. That was before I noted “Hobart” written underneath. Kingsway was the celebrated Saab dealership here in Hobart, one of the best dealerships in Australia and winner of several Saab Service Awards.

According to the post at SaabWorld, this 900 Enduro is being prepped for an appearance in next year’s Targa Tasmania, our top-shelf tarmac rally, which is held in April each year.

I would love to know more about this car.

Thanks to Wulf for the tip.

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