Saab jobs in Trollhattan and what it means for growth

I received the following from a guy named Anders, who lives in Sweden. Anders also works in the automotive industry in Sweden and has done for 10 years now. I won’t mention his employer in the interests of preserving his anonymity, but it does seem that he knows what he’s on about.

Anders has provided the translation below, from TTELA, and some thoughts based on his experience in the car biz as to what the story implies – which is all good for Saab.


SAAB could have a second shift in the factory by the end of this year

Saab Automobile Managing Director Jan Åke Jonsson talks about substantial recruitments at the factory in Trollhättan. If these are not done, the planned increase of the volumes planned for 2011 will not be possible.

“We must launch a second shift. But we have not decided whether it will be late this year or early next year. It depends on how major markets develop” says Jan Åke Jonsson.

It’s about at least a couple hundred blue collar jobs.

This autumn we also a need to hire 50 new white collars [as well].


The following are my interpretation and notes:

  • What is interesting is that he says (at least in how he is quoted in Swedish) that there will be a second shift, the question is only at what point of time.
  • This implies that the order intake must be good (better then what we can see in the registration statistics)….. so good that running the factory on one shift is not possible nor to staff up the first shift and increase the rate of production.
  • I do not know at what time the second shift was planned in the business plan, but it is reassuring that they are considering it/have decided to take it on.
  • Taking on a second shift is a very big decision, you do not want to make people redundant later on (bad press, and it is people’s livelihood), it is not something you just do without good reason.
  • If JAJ was uncertain of the second shift, had any doubts, I do not think that he would talk about it to the media about it!

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