Saab press conference set for 11:15am Wednesday

I was a little uncertain as to when this was all happening, so one phone call later, I’ve got the date and time confirmed.

The Saab press conference to (allegedly 🙂 ) announce co-operation with BMW on unspecified parts supply is due to take place in Trollhattan on Wednesday, Sept 29 at 11:15am trolltime.

Through comments, I notice that BMW have now confirmed that they will have a spokesman present at the conference. That’s through the TT news agency (Thanks Jr!!)

A person from BMW’s chief executive faces must be part of the Saab in Trollhättan news conference on Wednesday, according to BMW spokesman Marc Hassing.

“We have been invited and will be there,” he said.

Info coming through to me is that the deal will most likely not be confined to diesel powerplants, but to gasoline engines as well. Early indications are that the engines will be destined for first use in the next generation of the Saab 9-3.

The other big item that’s potentially on the agenda is the use of a vehicle architecture for the development of a Saab 92 – Victor Muller’s dream compact Saab. Reports around the traps seem to suggest that the underpinnings of the Mini Countryman could be a likely candidate. I’ve got no inside running on this.

So, we wait, and wonder……. it should be an exciting day for the future of Saab.

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