Saab Quantum S racer for sale

For those who are looking for a Saab with a real difference…..

Via Bringatrailer:

This 1964 Quantum Formula “S” has Saab power and is one of approximately 50 kits manufactured by Quantum Motorcar Corp in 1964. These were marketed through the dealer network and the builder sourced their own Saab suspension, powertrain, and other components to complete the car. This example was brought to Anchorage, Alaska in 1969 by Brian Hall where it was very successfully auto-crossed for three years. It deteriorated after that and the current seller bought it in 2006, after 30 years of sitting in pieces, as what he calls “a rolling hulk with a few boxes of parts.” It has since been restored and is being sorted for competition (see videos). It is available in Homer, Alaska for $20k.

Looks like the owner has some other serious Saab interests, too, judging by the Sonett II in the background.

Click through to Bringatrailer for the rest of the details.


There are a bunch of videos over at Youtube as well.


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