Saab sales data – Great Britain – August 2010

Thanks to Dave for the link….

I’ve finally got hold of Saab’s sales numbers for Britain last month and yes, they were up over 100% compared to last year, but we’re talking about a miniscule base for that equation so the sales numbers weren’t big.

There were 92 Saabs sold in the GB market in August, which is 162% higher than the 35 sold in the same month last year.

But it’s still not many.

And it makes me wonder about how Saab are going to achieve sales of 40,000 by the end of this year. England is typically Saab’s second or third biggest market so one would expect that they’re going to have to pick up quite a bit – and very soon.

There have been just under 3,000 Saabs sold in the GB market so far this year. There have been just over 4,500 sold in Sweden.

I don’t have the YTD numbers for the US as they’re not publishing them when they inform about sales, but I can tell you there are currently only 3,764 cars in dealer stocks at the moment.

Assuming there’s been around 15,000 sold so far this year in total, we’ve got 4 months to sell another 30,000 and reach the lowered target for the year (45,000).

I’m confident they can do it. There are indications in Sweden that orders are going on really, really well.

But you just have to think that 92 cars a month, in a top three market, is not going to cut it. It’ll be interesting to watch and I hope they get the stock and the customers they need really quickly.

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