Saab Spain use “not for you” advertising

We’ve talked ad nauseum (pardon the pun) about Saab’s recent advertising and this one has just popped up in Spain.

saab 9-5 ad Spain

One of the controversial ads that Saab used in the US in the last few months is the She’s Not For You ad. This uses a similar tagline, but without the fluff.

Being an online ad, the full story has been omitted. Instead, it says the following (translated) …….

The all-new Saab 95. Alive and kicking.

You are a very serious guy. It is not for you.

The ad appeared online at a news site called El Confidencial, which I’m told is a news website typically used by executives, politicians, etc. The “in” here is that people are looking at a serious news site, they’re considered serious people and Saab are teasing them by implying that they’re too serious for such a car.

The ad flashes up as a full-screen graphic first, before appearing as a rectangle ad on the front page of the site. Personally speaking, it works for me much better as a shortened web ad than as a text ad in a magazine.

Opinions aside, it’s just good to see Saab advertising in the Spanish market again. Spain overtook Germany for a short time as Saab’s #4 marketplace, but that was a couple of years ago now.

Thanks to Oscar G for the tip!

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