SaabRobz gets published – and crashes (Saab Safety)

If you’re a regular Saab-watcher on Flickr then you’ll have heard of SaabRobz. In fact, if you’ve been around SU and TS for long enough then you’ll be familiar with the name, too, as I’ve featured photos by SaabRobz a number of times over the years.

One of his specialties is collected in a group on Flickr called “Saab Junkyard”. The German seller of old Saab bits, Skandix, found this group recently and decided to publish a post on it, including a great slideshow highlighting the images that SaabRobz has captured over the last few years.

It’s amazing to see how many old Saabs have been junked in the Swedish countryside over the years. You feel like you want to pick one up, bring it home and care for it.

It’s great to see the meticulous long-term work of people like SaabRobz etc, being noticed by companies like Skandix and others.

Share it around – and make sure you check out the slideshow they’ve posted and get a look at all them old Saabs.


Some more news from SaabRobz…..

This is his beautiful Saab 9000: click.

Unfortunately, this car is no more. It gave its life to save his after he tried out the moose test for himself recently.

I crashed with a moose this weekend, not a nice experience…. the airbag went off and i crashed into the ditch. The rescue personnel had to cut the roof to get me out of the car (they take no chances if it’s a possible neck injury, they told me)

My Saab 9000 is history, but I am very happy that I drove a SAAB! With a smaller car I may not be alive today.

It’s sad news (especially for the moose!) but its great that SaabRobz lived to drive another day.

Safety. No-one does it better than Saab.

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