Sunday Night Snippets – stoopid edition

I can handle people having a crack and making mistakes under pressure. What I can’t handle is stupid. Relentless, repetitive and boringly consistent Capital-S-Stupid.

My football team’s season is over and I just hate it.


On to more enjoyable things…..

Victor Muller did an interview piece on Dutch radio recently. It’s more of a background piece about the man and his career. Not so much about Saab.

Wulf has translated the highlights from the interview and has written them up over at Saabworld. It’s well worth a read.

He bought his first car before he got his driver’s license in 1978. It was a ’72 Lancia 2000 Berlina and his dad had to go pick it up. After that, he bought a Lancia Flaminia convertible which he describes as a chick magnet. He still has this Lancia Flaminia and is using it in a rally in The Netherlands this week.


The Saabs United Historic Rally Team has a new 99Turbo. This car in this particular color is apparently quite rare, so I’m not sure whether it’ll get the rally treatment. But if not, then why?


Bring back blue interiors!


As well as hating stupid, I also hate this guy.


This weekend is the 12 Heures De Huy, which will see two entries from Saab Belgium, as well as everyone’s favourite enthusiast, Etienne at Saabhuy.

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