Support a Saab blogger – September 2010

It’s been just over 6 months since I’ve run a Support post. I said it was going to be quarterly back in March, but then forgot in June. Such is life. Since then, you’ve been blessed with an all-new site, which hopefully is a bit clearer to read and navigate.

If you feel the site’s given you some good value in the last few months with coverage of the 9-5 launch, Festivals and everything else, then please consider throwing some change into the iHat.

Funds raised keep the hamster wheel that powers this site spinning and any excess might be help out with one of these, or the services of one, at least.

You don’t need a Paypal account, just a valid credit card will get it done. Paypal is a secure payment method and you can be assured that I don’t see any card details at all.

Click the rather massively inflated graphic below.

Thanks for your ongoing support and for making the publication of SU so much fun.


Just a note to correct a misperception that’s emerged in comments…..

I do not receive any payment from Saab or Spyker for the publication of this website. It is purely advertiser-supported and on occasions like this, user supported.

I attend events occasionally at Saab’s invitation and cost, as do members of the mainstream motoring press. This is disclosed as it happens.

I’m not explaining this to solicit more donations. People are welcome here always, regardless. This is merely for clarification.

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