Thursday Night Snippets

Site Sponsor, Elkparts, is still running its Summer Sale where there’s huge discounts available – up to 70% – on a selected number of items.

It’s an eclectic mix of parts and models, but if there’s something there that’s suitable for your Saab, then chances are you’re in for a bargain. How about a set of 17″ Double Spoke alloys for around 40% off, for example?

And today only, John’s throwing in free UK carraige for all orders over 20 quid.


TTELA speak with head of Saab design, Jason Castriota:

The conditions are very similar (to the situation with Maserati), with the tough schedule and tight budget. Many times the best design is created under such conditions. The pressure makes people more determined.

…..This is definitely not a temporary job. I would like to see Saab succeed.


I think the title of this story, from a financial paper in the Netherlands, says it all:

Victor Muller: undisputed hero of the Saab dealers

A half-year loss and negative equity of the Dutch Spyker reduce Saab dealers at all. On the contrary, Spyker CEO Victor Muller can not go wrong in the showrooms….

….”We are incredibly pleased with the cooperation of Spyker,” said Hugo Buijze, branch manager of Hunter Auto in Naarden. “Interest in the new 9-5 is incredible. The confidence of the people in Saab is back. That we find new customers, but also the existing drivers and leasing companies. “


I’m not sure how many possible takers we’ll get for this one as you’d really have to be in the area already to participate (and “the area” is a long way away for most).

Tromsø University Museum, way up above the Arctic Circle in Norway, is doing a series of photos and stories about people and their cars. Whilst the campaign is open to all comers, whatever their vehicle and story, one of our friends up there, Thilo, will be entering and he sent the link along to me in the hope that some other Tromsøites might join in with their Saabs.

The photographs will be shown at Tromsø Museum’s permanent exhibition FLASH darkness in large format out on one of the museum’s walls in December and January. The images will then be included in the museum’s collection along with information about the photograph.

I still love the idea of doing a Saab Pride book that can be printed and given away by dealers when someone purchases a new Saab. One day, when there’s time…..


For sale: 1964 Saab, still pretty quick for its age, not particularly fuel efficient but lots and lots of fun. Bring a helmet.

Story. and Pictures.

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