Thursday Night Snippets

An update on the Castriota interview…..

We spoke for around 30 minutes a few days ago before unforeseen circumstances jumped in the way. We plan to continue what was a very interesting conversation some time in the near future. Stay tuned.


Here’s Joran Hagglund’s book, on the dash of one of the SUHRT Saab 99 Turbos!

Hagglund Book on Saab

In case you haven’t seen it in comments, there’s a fairly good chance that Jörgen from SUHRT has organised for a discounted price for SU readers who want to get a copy (it’s in Swedish, by the way).

I’ll post details on that as they come to hand. Thanks very much to Jörgen for checking it out and the publishers for the offer.


And yes, there’s another book about the Saab sale coming out very soon. This one’s by Jonas Froberg, the motoring editor at

He thinks his book is a bit broader than Hagglunds. I guess someone will have to measure them side by side.


Speaking of Hagglund, he’s done a brief interview with where he talks a little more about the book and what he thinks of Saab’s prospects….

How do you find the new owner behaved?

– I think they have a huge commitment, a great energy and a strong desire to succeed and really show the world that they will manage to drive the Saab as a fairly independent producers.

Good to see them question him about Koenigsegg, too.


Does anyone really need to update Facebook from their car?


Thanks Peter G!


Noted on Twitter for all you Brits…..

Are there any GB Saab fans going too HUY in October? We have a convoy taking place if you want to join in

Also, has anyone got UK sales numbers? I hear they were up around 140% but I’ve lost my bookmark to the body that publishes them (and Jonathan Nash still isn’t talking to me……well…… actually, he never has.)


Last, but by absolutely no means least……

Congratulations to Toomas Heikkinen, who won the 2010 Finnish Rally Championship driving in Per Eklund’s Saab 9-3!!

And about next year….

The vehicle situation is interesting: thanks to Topi’s excellent performance, quite a few offers and interest have been expressed by several parties. Some new car makes have also been mentioned in the discussions. In this connection, we would certainly like to see Eklund Motorsport as one of the parties involved, since their service this season has been the level of service we would like to see in normal daily working life too – unbelievably dedicated and committed! The Saab, as a make, is not excluded either, says Jarmo Heikkinen, choosing his words as elaborately as a politician.

I have a feeling that it’ll be something different to a Saab and he’ll be competing in something more elaborate than the Finnish Championship, but hopefully Saab will have something for him to drive in a few years from now.

Congratulations Topi!

Thanks Marco!

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