Thursday Snippets – cranked edition

Am back on the ground here in Tasmania, after another marathon in the air. These people who fly around for a living certainly have my sympathy.

Am also still shuffling through all the emails that backed up while I was away. Email has to be the #1 time clogger on earth, hasn’t it? All good, but time consuming.

So, to just some of the news that’s been around while I wasn’t!


It seems to be some unofficial secret that Saab have been in talks with BMW about supplying ‘stuff’ in the future. Saab’s Victor Muller expanded the pack a few days ago, when he was quoted in Automotive News saying that they’re now in talks with as many as three companies about different tech-sharing opportunities.

Saab Automobile is holding technology-sharing talks with three vehicle makers in an effort to cut model-development costs and cement its recovery from near collapse, the head of the manufacturer’s parent company said.

You’d think this was a good thing, wouldn’t you? More companies equals more diversity and the ability to customise your future products exactly the way you want to design them.

Well, it’s not good if you’re John Le Blanc from Crank in Canada.

Apparently, discussions with others and a lack of confirmation so far (wrt BMW) mean that the deal is stone cold dead. And others talking up Saab in the WRC (not Saab themselves, who indicated they’ve got many other priorities) when the potential car is just a drawing, means that Saab are having to go around hat-in-hand.

Crank indeed.


You’re not going backwards if you’re looking to employ another 200 people, right?


Saab needs at least 200 people to be employed [around] week 50. Therefore, 300 young people are now being trained for jobs in the automotive industry in the autumn, IF Metall writes on its website.

…..Saab is planning for a future where there are not enough with a single shift.

Good news!


Saab’s US sales for August, which weren’t as high as we were hoping, should possibly be viewed in the light of a pretty disastrous month for all sellers in the US market.

All except for Chrysler, I guess. They were the only ones to record positive sales. Chrysler?


Cool. So cool.


One of the great pleasures of my recent time in Boston was the opportunity to finally meet one of my blogging colleages, Gunnar Heinrich, in person.

Gunnar runs Automobiles Deluxe and I’ve featured more than one of his videos in times past. He’s a class act and in more recent times, has gained fame for killing a Cadillac SRX simply by doing what one of their customers would have done – filling it up with regular gas. Gunnar now has a recall that he can be proud of (and one which GM should pay him for, by the way – he saved them millions).

Gunnar could have posted any number of compromising photos of me trying to shoehorn myself into a Sonett II last Saturday. Like I said, he’s a class act and posted the respectable shot, instead.


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