Tuesday Snippets – Farago edition

The Saab/BMW news is all over the interwebs and it’s all been positive (aside from TTAC, see below).

We’ll have to wait for the press conference to see what the actual agreement brings to the table. Will it be more than architecture and/or diesel engines? I don’t know.

But personally speaking, I think it’s going to be absolutely fantastic, both for the expansion of the vehicle range and the perception of Saab in the marketplace. I’m pretty amazed at some of the reasons put forth in comments for reservation about this potential deal. The idea that this deal could ‘turn Saabs into BMWs’ is just really shortsighted and doesn’t give Saab’s excellent engineers any credit IMHO. Hang your reservations at the doors, people, and see what happens.


Our mate Rune has been to meet his new ride…..

Rune Saab 9-5

…..unfortunately there’s some problems with the road and registration authorities at the moment so Rune’s plates haven’t arrived yet. Agonising!


I never thought I’d ask for Robert Farago to be reinstalled at The Truth About Cars, but it seems the inmates are now running the asylum. Farago was grumpy and critical, but at least he was predictable. This guy’s just freaking nuts!


Another ‘different’ Saab is for sale over at Saabnet…..

Stretch Saab 900


And then there’s this….. pre-production, and a sequel to the rear shot shown yesterday…. click.

Saab 9-4x front

Looking absolutely fantastic!

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