Update on Saab/BMW co-operation story

Let’s draw together a few news stories and see if we can’t navigate through and see what’s going on.

News services have finally reached Victor Muller for a comment, to which they basically received a big “no comment”.

“– It’s all based on rumours and speculation that we can not comment. Nothing has been signed. Until everything’s presented and done, it’s not done, Victor Muller says.

If it were all hot air, they would have got a “No”, rather than a ‘no comment’.

Why the semantics with words? Well, Spyker’s a company listed on the stock exchange. Victor can’t say something’s done until it IS done and he can’t deny it if it’s about to be done. Such actions would affect the share price and could get people into trouble.

Spykers shares have already risen on the speculation and would probably rise a little more if it were confirmed.


AutoWeek.nl are claiming that the deal will be not only for an architecture to build the Saab 92, but also some engines, most notably for the coming Saab 9-4x.

They say Saab will acquire BMW diesels for the 9-4x. A good competitive diesel will be essential for marketing the car in Europe.

They also state there could be some BMW engines powering the Saab 9-3 and they mention the word “soon”, indicating they think that this could come before the next generation of the car goes from being just a twinkle in Jason Castriota’s eye.

I’ve got no information one way or the other about this. The 92 and 9-4x stories make sense and seem realistic (it might take a little while to get a Beamer diesel into the 9-4x, though, as it wasn’t designed for it).

The 9-3 story would be nice, but seems just a touch too much for this little enthusiast to hope for.


Interesting times, people. Interesting times.

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