Update on the stolen Saab 9-5 from Netherlands

Keep looking!

It may not have this plate anymore, but this is the car we’re looking for:

The backstory:

There was a Saab 9-5 stolen from a dealership in the Netherlands late last week. I’ve received some more information about the perp and what might have happened to the car. This info comes from the dealership, via one of our Dutch connections.


The car that was left at the garage forecourt by the thief was a French registered Renault Laguna. It’s thought that the guy who did this has been at at for a while but seems to use these cars for personal use. The Laguna had stolen plates on it. Weirdly however, the French authorities did not report the Laguna’s numberplate as stolen in one of the EU systems….. That’s probably why this chap managed to drive that Renault that long.

The dealer thinks (based on intel) that this car is still in the Netherlands, possibly with another set of French plates, or indeed would be used in France, there seems to be a connection there.


So please keep an eye out. If you see a Fjord Blue 9-5 in either the Netherlands or France with plates that don’t match a new car, you could be looking at our thief.

Let’s get the sucker and lock him up.

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