Wednesday Snippets – Sonett edition

One of our regulars here at SU has just bought a mighty fine looking Sonett in the US. I hope to squeeze some good pics out of him when he gains possession soon.

Auto Motor and Sport seem to be keen on Sonetts at the moment, too, though of a different vintage.

AMS Sonett front Cover

I don’t know what the tone of the story is, but their new edition with that front cover will be on sale this Thursday.

Thanks to Kashif, and Sven, for the tip!


Speaking of magazines……

TIME Magazine has just named the Saab 9-5 amongst its Best Cars of 2011.

Good to see!

Thanks to John M and Joe P!


Saab’s quarrel with the Västra Götaland administrative board has just been escalated to “debt collection” status.

The Västra Götaland county loaned Saab a bunch of money when Saab went into administration back in February 2009. This money was used to pay staff salaries at the start of the administration process. The VG county wants repayment of outstanding amounts, which Saab say are not repayable because of the 75% debt reduction they were granted as part of the administration process. Saab have repaid the 25% that they see as their obligation.

Västra Götaland say the loan should have been excluded from that agreement. Saab say it’s part of it. Both sides are sticking to their guns.

VM has previously said that Saab will make provisions and pay the amount if ordered to do so by the courts, but it seems Saab believe they have a solid case and are willing to be persued and taken to the judiciary.


To some more Brown Saabs, then!

This is a 1977 Saab 99GL in Dorado Brown with less than 60,000 miles on the clock! It’s owner is a lady named Linnea K and the car is officially nicknamed “Cocoa”. It has a secondary nickname, too, with the licence plate translating to “angry snail”, which is how it sounds on the highway, apparently 🙂

Cocoa Saab 99GL

AlanH has written in with some Brown Saab memories, too.

For his family, their entire Saab experience started with a brown Saab 99GLE back in 1976, with gold-trimmed soccerball wheels and a brown/gold interior.

Just like the brochure…..

Saab 99 GLE

It’s so good to see brown coming back from it’s 1970s exile.

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