Saab 9-5: the lady’s perspective

Time for another impression from a Saab 9-5 buyer.

This one’s a little different in that it’s from a woman named Virginia, who lives in Switzerland. Yes, it’s somewhat a-typical to get a post from the ladies here at SU, but I’m very pleased Virginia’s chosen to write in and share her thoughts.


Dear Swade,

Probably it is not so common – as far I am familiar given my short time with your website – that you receive comment from a female just having joined the Saabists by buying one of the first Virginia Saab 9-5 Saab 9.5 2.0T Aero Turbo4 (polar white, automatic shift, no four wheel drive) in Switzerland. I can confirm that wherever my car seen there are admirers right on the spot. Even when I’m driving, sometimes another car will show up and the driver signals his admiration, of course for the car, not the driver!

I have enjoyed reading the experiences of others who have just bought one of these cars. My decision was taken swiftly when I saw the car for real – I wanted it immediately. I wanted to show confidence in the new Saab Company and I liked the wonderful Swedish Saab design, space and driving qualities and most of all the electronic systems included. Of course the price here in Switzerland is high – especially when I compare it to the one in the States – but customary on Swiss terms. And when you weigh what you get then the price is rather inferior!

I got my car on September 3 and I am enjoying it more every day. I like the interior but agree that there is a lot of plastic and the car was only shipped to Switzerland a few days before it got mine. As a woman I have noted that the smell is quite dominant of fresh leather and the plastic in the interior and that it is quite difficult to make it fade away.

So far I have not experienced any complaints except for the door to place things under the panel; it can be a very dangerous construction when you leave it open by error and when you enter the car, it can open your skin at the leg. I have already placed a suggestion on how this can be solved and it was passed on to Sweden, which I think is an excellent service from the dealer Hirsch, Ruckstuhl.

Virginia Saab 9-5

I have always purchased new cars in regard to technological advancement and electronic progress and I was a fan of Saab but in the past I decided for other cars such as RO 80 with rotary Wankel engine. I also had five Renaults, the last one was a Safrane and I had it for 18 years, because I did not find another model giving me the same riding experience and gadgets I like. But the new experience with Saab is making the driving and riding experience an absolute dream and it is with pleasure I will become an absolute enthusiast of Saab and its fan community.

By the way it is the closest experience I have had to my time as a former private pilot and I do like the perfect cockpit of my new Saab!

In addition I bought a slightly used Saab 9-3 Vector Sport BioPower offering also excellent features and driving experience. One can say that Saab attracted me at the first glance and impressed me with all that makes Saab an individual show place but no window dressing.

I am absolutely delighted with the services accompanying my new car and also the total warranty for three years, showing that the company is not only believing to overcome but in for a bright future.

Best wishes from Switzerland and kind regards,


P.S. One picture below shows a 98 yrs. old lady – a friend of my family who I care for – who is proud of my new 9-5 Saab and she can’t get enough rides to enjoy it!

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